Miniature Wine Press

By kerkits


A desktop sized wine press. Made from reclaimed timber beams taken from a barn built in 1895, this is a working miniature model. It is based on vintage and ancient wine presses that I have seen in Italy and France. A band of copper adds a charming highlight. This is the perfect gift for a wine aficionado, or a wine maker. The wooden screw works, just like actual wine presses. You can even load in a few grapes and and press away, though it will not make very much wine:) A fun item for parties, and suitable as decoration on a shelf or desktop.

The wine press is made with traditional woodworking techniques and joinery. I based the design on actual centuries old presses. I carefully prepare each one, sanding for a deliberately rustic look.

I make these myself by hand. I found some wooden beams that were in a barn in Missouri, USA. The barn I learned was constructed in 1895 and recently was knocked down. I saw those beams and knew they'd make a great project, though I didn't know what at the time. On a recent trip to Europe, I saw some centuries old wine presses, some still in operation and knew that was my project. Photos show the original wooden beam as I cut it down on a bandsaw.

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