Miniature Double Pulley

By kerkits


A working miniature brass pulley. This is the double wheeled, "shell" style where the body of the pulley can separate for easy loading of string. Great for miniature models, or building your own project that requires a small size pulley. Material is all brass for good water proofing. The sheave (the wheel that bears the string load) rides on a smooth barrel inside the shell to reduce friction. All brass construction for corrosion resistance.


See all three models (Single Shell, Double Shell, and Single U-Bracket) of pulley in my store.


My customers report using these in model boats, doll house elevators, miniature theatre/stages, barn dioramas... Use it in your project where you need a pulley. Please send us a photo. We'd love to see what you do with these.


Free shipping in US: For domestic (in US) shoppers, buy 4 or more and get free shipping using the code "FREE4SHIPPING" during checkout. (Note that etsy does not detect when you have 4 items in your cart, so you have to enter the code to get free shipping applied. If you have any trouble with this, message me and I can send you a link).


For customers outside of the United States: For multiple pulley orders, message me and I can arrange combined shipping. I greatly appreciate your business, but please be aware that you may have to pay import fees for items shipped from the United States. I have no control of what those fees are, or any way to calculate them and inform you ahead of time what they are. I cannot assume any responsibility for import fees that your nation's government impose on you.

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