Miniature Brass Pulley (U bracket)

By kerkits


Small (about 12mm / 1/2 inch) tall brass pulley.  

A working miniature brass pulley. This is the U bracket style with a hole on bottom allowing you to mount with a small screw or nail.

See all three models (Single Shell, Double Shell, and Single U-Bracket) of pulley in my store.

My customers report using these in model boats, doll house elevators, miniature theatre/stages, barn dioramas... Use it in your project where you need a pulley. Please send us a photo. We'd love to see what you do with these.


For customers outside of the United States: For multiple pulley orders, message me and I can arrange combined shipping. I greatly appreciate your business, but please be aware that you may have to pay import fees for items shipped from the United States. I have no control of what those fees are, or any way to calculate them and inform you ahead of time what they are. I cannot assume any responsibility for import fees that your nation's government impose on you.

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