Fritz: The Robotic Head - CLEARANCE 25% OFF

By kerkits

$172.00 $229.00

The last of the Fritz: Robotic Heads. We will make 10 more units and that will be it. Get yours for 25% off normal price.  Shipping in US is $10. Outside US, shipping is $20 for Post (2-5 weeks), $40 for expedited shipping (5 business days). Inquire about expedited shipping for outside US orders.

A full kit of parts to make Fritz: The Robotic Head. Fritz is a robot that emulates human facial features and expression.  He has 13 motors that move his eyelids, eyeballs, eyebrows, lips, jaw and neck. Includes the Fritz Control Software for Windows where you can click and drag on a feature, and the actual Fritz will move in response.   Click here to see webpage for Assembly and Software Setup.


  • 13 Moveable Facial Parts
  • Open Source Hardware and Software
  • Arduino Microcontroller Based
  • Control Fritz using GUI Drag and Drop Interface
  • Included Audio and Motion editor
  • Generate Speech from Text
  • Control Fritz Using Keyboard or a Joystick
  • Humanoid Dimensions


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