Desktop Trebuchet

By kerkits


The Desktop Trebuchet is a scale model of the medieval siege weapon. It is a kit of parts that takes about 1 hour to assemble. This is a great way to learn medieval history, simple machines, and even some woodworking skills. The Desktop Trebuchet makes clever use of joinery and wooden pegs to assemble, rather than nails or screws.  Click here for assembly instructions.

This is no flimsy balsa wood model. The Desktop Trebuchet is made with quality hard wood and steel parts. It includes fine details for the discerning modeler, like a working brass pulley, hemp twine ropes and a leather sling pouch. These details make for an attractive item for display on the shelf, but not at the cost of function. The Desktop Trebuchet is a fully operational model, capable of throwing gumball or marble sized items up to 50 feet.

Recommended for ages 10 and above. This is not a toy. There are choking hazard small parts, and children should be supervised during assembly or operation.

This scale replica is based on a full sized reproduction of a medieval age trebuchet that can be seen at Château des Baux in Southern France. I saw this full size model fired in June 2014 and it inspired me to make a scale model.

 Click here to download assembly instructions.  

Note that the instructions are designed to be viewed on a computer or mobile device while assembling, rather than printed on paper.  The illustrations are large so that they are easy to see and understand, but this makes the instructions over 30 pages long. So be warned of that before you print a hard copy.

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