Custom Engraving, Simple Text

By kerkits


We can personalize any item that we sell with laser engraving.  This item is for a simple text engraving, like a name or short phrase onto one surface.

Just specify the text that you want, what the item you want engraved (ballista, trebuchet, periscope, etc), and where you would like it engraved.  For instance, for the photo shown, the engraving specification would be

  • Text: "LEGION X"
  • Product: Desktop Ballista
  • Location:  On the ballista's left side

We will send a confirmation message to you with a mock up of what the engraving will look like for you to proof before we engrave.

We also can do more elaborate engraving with a symbol or logo from an image.  See Custom Engraving, Graphic for that service.


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