The KerKits Work Shop - Photos and videos of my workshop

On this page are some photos and videos about the shop, unboxing and assembly videos for some of my tools and just stuff in general.  I love spending time in the shop.

Out of the home garage

I had tools in my garage and basement for years.  In 2015, my wife and I became empty nesters and downsized to a townhouse.  I love the townhouse.  It is walking distance to bars and restaurants, shopping (Home Depot is 200 yards away).  But my wife said "The tools have to go", and I was cool with that.  A laser cutter that puts out wood smoke in a relatively dense population zone is not a good idea.  So I found some shop space for rent only a 10 minute drive away.  There, I have created my dream shop.  Well, ideally, my dream shop would have wood floors and a view of Lake Louise, but hardware wise, it is a fantastic shop.

The Workshop

My shop is 17 x 26 feet (5x8 meters) with 8 feet (2.4 m) ceilings.  It has a roll up garage door, as well as a regular walk in door.  The shop is wired with both 110V and 220V with plenty of outlets (110 at least, only one 220 but it works for me). The complex has a bathroom, and it just so happens that bathroom is next to my unit.  Below is a CAD mockup of the shop space.

Now into my third year in the current shop space, I recently decided to re-do the shop.  I have made some sweeping changes, mainly to eliminate waste of space and to increase efficiency.


A new addition to the shop is my Delta 18-900L full size floor standing drill press. Below is a link to video that shows a one person (me) unboxing and assembly.  This thing weighs about 250 pounds, so I had to use a chain hoist to complete the assembly.