Past kit products (Discontinued)

I no longer make these kits, but they are a proud heritage.  The Desktop Ballista, Fritz, The Robotic Head and The Desktop Trebuchet.

Desktop Ballista:  First launched as a project on in 2012, this was my first kit product.  Based on a design used by the Roman army in 200 BC, the ballista fired iron bolts about the size of small spears.  My model fired toothpicks.  I learned through later research that this type of siege engine would have been called a catapulta or "Scorpion" by the Roman legions. If you have a kit and need assembly instructions, click here.

Desktop Ballista


Fritz, The Robotic Head: Another product launched on kickstarter in 2013, Fritz was an animatronic project. A kit with laser cut parts and 11 motors that allowed control of eyeballs, eyebrows, lips and neck.

Fritz, the Robotic Head


Desktop Trebuchet:  This desktop sized model of the familiar medieval seige engine stood about 12 inches (300 mm) tall and fired gumballs, or similarly sized projectiles. Assembly Instructions available for download here if needed. Like many of my kits, this was first offered on kickstarter in 2015. I stopped making this in 2021 when it became impossible to obtain raw materials to make this at a reasonable price.

Desktop trebuchet side view